PANGLOSS FILMS is a documentary film production company founded by multiple Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker, Peter Yost. Located in Brooklyn, New York, Pangloss specializes in creating films and television series that challenge our assumptions about the world around us. We are drawn to projects that not only entertain, but invite us to question who we are and how we live.

We produce independent documentaries as well as commissioned projects for top broadcasters including: PBS, WGBH, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, CBS, NBC, DISCOVERY, BRAVO, and others. Our films have been funded by THE SUNDANCE INSTITUTE and other leading foundations, reviewed by THE NEW YORK TIMES, featured on THE DAILY SHOW WITH JON STEWART, and screened at film festivals worldwide.


Most recently, we have produced multiple films for NOVA on PBS, including RISE OF THE DRONES  (click here for an interview about the film with Leonard Lopate), SECRETS OF THE VIKING SWORD and a current project about the Hubble Space Telescope called INVISIBLE UNIVERSE REVEALED.


Past productions include fourteen films for the National Geographic Specials Unit/Explorer, including INSIDE NORTH KOREA (nominated for an Emmy for Best Long Form Informational Documentary); SOLITARY CONFINEMENT (helped lead to reform of this controversial practice in Colorado and elsewhere); AREA 51: DECLASSIFIED (based on a NYT best-selling book, it's the first film to tell the secret history of the military base in the voices of those who actually worked there); THE SCIENCE OF BABIES (explores the remarkable transformations babies go through from birth to the first step); SECRETS OF THE TORNADO (includes the first footage ever shot from inside a tornado); THE SECRET HISTORY OF GOLD (travels the world to investigate the underbelly of the international gold trade); INSIDE SUMO (goes behind the scenes in Japan and Hawaii with the world’s top-ranked Sumo wrestler as he prepares for the showdown of a lifetime); AMERICAN HOSTAGE (the longest held hostage in American history, Terry Anderson, tells the story of his captivity in Lebanon); THE SCIENCE OF SURVEILLANCE (examines cutting edge surveillance technologies and questions the correct balance between liberty and security); ULTIMATE HIPPO (combines original natural history footage with new discoveries that reveal a strange evolutionary past); CHIMPS ON THE EDGE (looks at the human/chimp relationship and the effects of captivity on chimps); and ALASKA’S LAST OIL (goes inside the oil industry to investigate the current state of US supply and the drilling controversy in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge).

Other productions around the world include long format projects about the Anacondas of Venezuela and the Leopards of India, as well as dozens of cultural pieces in the regions of Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa (from Togo to Morocco); the Sardinian coast of Italy; the deserts of Arizona; and everywhere in between.

Our Emmy-Nominated 2005 film, THE COLOR OF OIL (for THE NEW YORK TIMES and DISCOVERY) examines the "greening" of Big Oil and the re-branding of British Petroleum as "BP: Beyond Petroleum." The film includes BP's CEO Lord John Browne (architect of the controversial green strategy), as well as leaders of ExxonMobil, Shell, and major environmentalists and activists.

Pangloss has also produced a celebration of CARY GRANT for NBC and six hour-long films for BRAVO, for which we worked with such luminaries as Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Brad Pitt, Sydney Pollack, Martin Sheen, and Mia Farrow, among others.



Our independent documentaries span a wide range of subjects: from the Dalai Lama (featured in the multiple award-winning film SEEDS OF TIBET: VOICES OF CHILDREN IN EXILE which was broadcast on PBS) to the illicit world of cockfighting in Louisiana (NO NAME GAME FARM). Our independent projects have been funded by individuals as well as the SUNDANCE FILM FUND and other foundations.


Peter Yost is a graduate of Swarthmore College and also studied at the Goethe Institute in Berlin. A native of Buffalo, New York he currently lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters.

For more information about Pangloss Films or to inquire about internships please contact